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Welcome To International Accreditation & Recognition Forum

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The International Accreditation & Recognition Forum is a global recognized accrediting agency dedicated to providing accreditation to academic institutions including, schools, colleges and universities and vocational institutes established in the world. It encourages, supports, and evaluates quality assurance processes in various academic institutions to ensure academic excellence.


Academic Accreditation

INTAARF encourages schools, colleges and universities to critically evaluate their priorities, programs and resources in order to raise their standard of education.


Student Equalization

Insitutions consider accreditation status as one of the many factors used to evaluate credit for transfer.


Grant Oppurtunities

INTAARF offers grants to private, not for profit universities, libraries and so on. We have initiated numerous grant programs for students globally.


Business Accreditation

INTAARF provides validitation for businesses and organizations operating in USA & Canada.

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June 20, 2017

Largest Database

INTAARF Has the Largest Database of Accredited Institutes Operating in United States


May 09, 2017

Accreditation Significance

Accreditation Significance - Why should you pick an Accredited Institute?

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