INTAARF accreditation provides assurance that a college or university program meets the quality standards established in the industry.


provides accreditation licenses for businesses and companies established in the globally. The council evaluates and assesses overall performance of businesses on a yearly basis.

Businesses accredited

by INTAARF have implemented the quality assurance model to ensure their business meets international standards of quality in its products and services.

INTAARF issues

accreditation licenses for businesses internationally with the mission of promoting and encouraging marketplace trust. INTAARF ensure and encourages best practices, trustworthy market behavior, and quality of products and services that meets international standards.


Academic Accreditation

Claim your academic accreditation from INTAARF and join the group of world’s most equipped education providers.



INTAARF provides equalization statement to the international students who have graduated from countries other than USA and Canada.


Business Accreditation

INTAARF provides licenses for business and organizations operating in the USA, and Canada which makes them accredited.